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Ryman Recommends: Patio Round Up



The weather is heating up, and after weeks of rain, it seems we have fast forwarded straight to summertime. Not that Ryman is complaining. This dog lives for an evening spent begging for leftovers lounging on a patio as the sun sets and the heat of the day cools off. Ryman spent some time rounding up all of his favorite patios around town. In no particular order:

Ted’s Most Best

The obvious front runner for the Athens Patio Scene. This pizza place has ample room to spread out and enjoy a cold Creature Comforts beer or a crisp Vinho Verde while you wait for a pizza and garlic knots. What started as a bocce ball court is now the most popular sandbox in downtown, giving parents the opportunity to throw a couple back without having to worry about their youngsters – awaiting some sandy pizza crusts from tiny hands is what keeps Ryman coming back.


The National

What it lacks in size, The National’s outdoor dining makes up for in flavor and people watching. With just a few tables outside, the seating feels casual and intimate while you enjoy some of the freshest, most delicious dining in town.

Photo via Awesome Athens


Ike & Jane

Ryman has sung the praises of Ike & Jane on many occasions. Its cute picnic tables with umbrellas make it the perfect spot to enjoy a sandwich and an Arnold Palmer on even the hottest of days.

Normal Bar

It’s a dog party every night of the week at Normal Bar, and Ryman never misses a good soirée. Sip on a Loving Cup or a Hecho en Mexico on the back porch, and soak up all the townie goodness that makes Athens the special place that it is.

Normal Bar Back Patio

Pulaski Heights BBQ

Pork, pooches, and patios go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pulaski Heights has ample outdoor seating to enjoy the roar of the train and the scents of the outdoor smokehouse. Ryman recently tried the new Cuban sandwich on the menu. Good lordy, it’s good! He has a new go-to when burnt ends aren’t on the menu.

Cuban Sandwich at Pulaski Heights


For brunch on a Saturday or Sunday, there is nowhere better than Heirloom Cafe. The Love on a Biscuit rotates weekly, and every week it is inexplicably better than the week before. The coffee is strong and the patio is peaceful. What more could a pampered pooch ask for before 11am?

Love on a Biscuit


The most historic of our featured patios, the 5&10 porch is covered, so you are safe from any sudden Southern thunderstorms making their way through town on a summer evening. Warning (maybe from personal experience…): 5&10′s porch is so fabulous, an hour can easily turn into 3, and 1 bottle of wine can quickly become 1 too many bottles of wine. But a life filled with “one too manys” is a life well lived in Ryman’s book.

Photo via MW Eats

Georgia Theatre Rooftop / Branded Butcher Rooftop

While what was the best view in Athens is now blocked with a monstrous student housing development (Don’t get Ryman started on this topic), the Georgia Theatre roof is the best spot to grab lunch, an after work beer, or a late night show. The food matches the atmosphere with Branded Butcher at the helm. Fans of the original Farm Cart (ME!) will be thrilled to see the Bahn Mi sandwich and burger on the menu.

Georgia Theatre Roof (pre-monstrosity) Photo via The Georgia Theatre


The Globe

The Globe only has 4 tables outside, but in the center of town on the corner of Lumpkin & Clayton, they provide some of the best people watching in Athens. Ryman likes to get a couple Twin Pine burgers and a cold brew and chill out for the day.


Seabear has quickly become a weekly ritual in our house. Warm evenings amble on when sitting on this porch located at the hopping Bottleworks Building. The inventive cocktail list is a perfect accompaniment to the fresh seafood. Ryman is partial to the fried clam strips and the chicken steam buns, but everything on the menu is fabulous.

Photo via Seabear

Dozen Beausoleils, please.




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